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The design of your site and the branding of your offering is a very important part of our search marketing strategy.

Our latest project for this Social Skills Worksheets Company Communication demonstrates this very well.

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization - Communicating the Message

It's all about the message. What are you attempting to convey to a potential client? What message are you positioning in the minds of your clients? You may already know these answers. What we do, is tell a compelling story. What is most crucial to say? What is the call-to-action? What choice or choices do you want the viewer to make, given the constraints of viewing time on the main page? After all, you have only seconds to tell your story!

Content and Search Engine Optimization - the one thing Google wants

Why does content matter? They�re just words after all, right? Well, Google loves content but it must be relevant and unique. We mean it. Google does not suffer fools gladly. Duplicate content, content farms and other nefarious methods have landed fortune 500 companies on page 5. We avoid that by doing it right. We have a team of top writers that optimize content, within the site as well as content creation for outside syndication. Content is king.

Coding and Search Engine Optimization - the very Foundation of your site

An attractive website is worthless without the right coding. It is the absolute foundation for all search engines. Get it right and Google pays attention. Get it wrong and you�re on page 5, spending more time and money to rank. Code is crucial. Code is key. There is a method to our madness. We take coding very seriously and approach it with great care and intensity to ensure proper rank by examining your coding and make a blueprint for SEO efficiency.