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We restructure a companies web presence to give it visibility within the search engines which increases viewership and conversion which nets increased revenue and ultimately, profits!

We are for the company that needs to turnaround it's revenue/profit equation to one of a positive flow.

New source of funding.....
New source of funding..... the web is the new source of funding for the old bricks and mortar or even the brand new company that hasn't learned to leverage the web correctly. Oh, and until your company is running properly, beware of Social Media! You have to remember something about Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, once you put it out there you can't take it back and it can even be supeonad against you.


The plan? A phasic approach to acquiring the necessary visibility to capture the new profit producing markets by a systematic restructuring of the company's online marketing strategy.

Step 1. Use Pay Per Click and contextual marketing to quickly identify new market sectors for growth without the need to seriously commit until the correct markets have been identified for the maximum growth potential

Step 2. Create a phasic plan of the corporate restructuring of the online strategy or if the company has never had a full blown online strategy, we will implement a core foundation of Search Engine Marketing to capture the market away from its competitors. When completely re-organizing a company and its online strategy one will find that the company can best its competitors from its newfound nimbleness and this is exactly what is necessary for turning around a companies financial picture.

When it comes to Social Media in regards of a company that is in the turnaround process you need to think reputation management.

You need guidance in these areas to restructure a company's presence on the web so that you can turn that new presence into revenue and not just revenue, but PROFIT.

Your creditors will need to know you have a sound strategy. At the core of all investment and reinvestment meetings today is one topic: "Where is the company with its Online Strategy?". This is where you need to be strong. A company can only squeeze so much out of its existing user base with sales and promotions. However, on the web, if you increase your visibility you increase your reach and if you increase your reach YOU INCREASE YOUR SALES!

Taking the steps to get a Web Consulting firm is the best possible start to reorganizing your companies options. Better managing your company's web presence is the key to sales, it's the key to growth.

When your web presence is in crisis you have to mitigate the damage and repair each aspect simultaneously.

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