We look to create wonderful and beautiful experiences in Church Web Design!

A great website is an organic creature that is born and continues on its way through life evolving in a very natural and effortless way. If you love your business you should love your website and it is our belief that the creation of that website and can be a wonderful process as well that just might turn up aspects of the company and show them in a light that not even the owners or the staff have not seen before.

Christian Web Design in New York Mission Statement

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Church web design for Churches in New York and around the country all starts with exactly the same thing: NAVIGATION! There are numerous ways to experiment with navigation when it comes to web design but when you're talking about church web design you really have to delve down deep. You see, each and every church has its own type of worship and connecting with that should be reflected in the navigation.

Some churches focus on the sheer beauty of the church from an architectural standpoint and other focus on the vast musical experiences that they bring each and every week. So you see, there is a wide array of informational differences that must be conveyed via the navigation in church web design and hence it all starts with understanding the flow of the church.

Our team attends church services to learn how each church communicates with its members. Once we know how the church communicates we bring this to the church web design by marrying the navigational elements to the experience found inside the actual church services.

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Next our designers take over. From their visits to the church and coordination of photographic elements acquired from the church at hand they begin to craft the tapestry that becomes the church's home on the web!

The next natural progression is to think about how you are going to get your beautiful new church website in front of the masses. That's where church SEO (search engine optimization) comes in to play. Churches use SEO to get the search engines to understand the message of their website. The search engines desperately want to understand what you website is about but many times in the haste of making a website beautiful, a lot of bulky unorganized coding gets put in front of the content behind the scenes. This results in the search engines not being able to get to your precious content so that they can get the true message of the website. Church web design should always take this into consideration!

Social Media opens up a new avenue of communication. There are many strategies to social media but whether we are talking about social media, church SEO or church web design it all comes down to one thing, marketing. Your church needs to have a marketing plan tying it together. First we need to identify what makes your church stand out in the crowd. Next, we highlight that aspect and design around it in terms of graphics messaging and organization of the website. From this vantage point we can begin to design the promotional campaign for the website on the web and that leads us back to church SEO.

We will work with you to develop a marketing plan customized for your church's unique scenario! Yes, church web design is a process but one that should be filled with fun and excitement as we bring your wonderful church online!

At the helm of our Church Web Design and SEO department is our very own Andrea Bain

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Andrea knows churches and church life inside and out and with her abilities on the web she evaluates the launch strategy even before the very first meeting. Once she has taken time to absorb what her impression of the church form it's website or an undisclosed visit, then and only then does she plan the meeting for the discussion of the church's goals and from these two vantage points she can then formulate a plan of action to bridge the gap of where those two viewpoints miss (Strategy). The creation is an organic process that starts from the thoughts sifting out of mouths and emotions during the first intake meeting with the church. Andrea guides churches through the navigation and layout of their website flow as if she were taking someone on the tour of the actual church. Many times there is a disconnect between what the staff of the church think needs to be imparted on the church's website and the actual experience the non-staff visitors to the church experience.