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Legal Marketing SEO for Lawyers New York

It's time for Legal Marketing isn't it?

Okay, so you have your brand new law firm set up. You have a great new office location, one that you have been scouting out for months and months. You hired a receptionist, cheap but decent. You got the stationary done with the first version of your logo. You even ran an ad in the local paper and still, no leads. Is that about right? Leads, leads, leads: that's what it's all about in marketing. Now leads don't just come from wishing, and if it were easy then every lawyer would make the same amount of money because everyone would get an equal distribution of leads. Ah, but this is not the scenario you are looking at, is it? No, not at all! Legal lead generation comes from expert legal marketing. And when it comes to legal marketing you have to deal with the business puzzle: You can only have two of the following three options: 1) Cheap, 2) Fast, 3) Good. To have good legal marketing we have to lay a foundation that is going to work from now until far in the future, and it's like building a house. If you were building a house in Kansas you would put a concrete foundation together with a steel roof, and all of this would be built on metal pylons that extended 30 feet into the ground to make sure you could weather any tornado that comes along. However, many lawyers build their houses with wood, because it is cheap and fast. But sooner or later a tornado comes along and rips all of their best-laid plans apart.

Legal Marketing for Lawyers In New York and elsewhere in the country

We provide professional support and education for law firms looking to market their services on the web. It all starts with the vision of how you want the public to view your firm. We keep aware of the latest news in the legal marketing world. In order to have top law firm marketing, we must pay attention to all blogs and news sources, so that we have the freshest techniques in order to provide our customers with the cutting edge of what is currently on the market.

Keeping up with the latest in Legal Marketing news

The easiest way for us to keep tabs on the top blogs for the law world is to contribute to them ourselves. As we do, we begin to shape the very tapestry of the legal marketing world with thoughtful leadership content that begins to make the rest of the legal marketing world dance to our tune. From this vantage point we can begin to control the path the entire legal marketing world is heading down. And while it heads down, we will head up and above. With online marketing you have to use SEO to control your environment in order to maintain a solid base from which to launch Google Adwords campaigns and other display model marketing. You have to get your law marketing portal visible online using a myriad of legal marketing techniques.

Get ahead of your competition with the right type of website

Certain marketing practices come into play when considering your legal website, and we want you to throw all of them out right now. Why be sheep? You have to innovate and design your portal to fit your clients. How many times have you looked at a law website or late night television commercial and said to yourself: "How cheesy" or "that was so complicated I didn't understand what the message was and if I didn't, then I doubt anyone else did either"? You don't want to be just another "me too" website. You have to innovate to get your legal marketing to cut through the clutter, and how can you cut through the clutter if your website is just a "me too" website? You have to look at all of the legal marketing industry leaders. Then you have to ask yourself how you can go one better by looking at everything they are doing, and by remembering that legal marketing is a broader term that covers advertising, word of mouth, and, most importantly, anything new that will make your marketing stand out!