Watch Your Marketing Costs Drop

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Search Marketing Needs

Your online marketing campaign needs to be comprehensive in order to be effective, and by "comprehensive" we mean a good mix of SEO, PPC, and showing up on the map!

Adword campaigns are expensive and the cost per click will always be subjected to the bidding wars that go on. However, you must remember that Pay Per Click campaigns are momentary. The moment you stop paying is the moment that they stop running meaning you are only renting instead of owning areas on the web! Contact us for Strategy Services

The Residual Effect

You see, when you implement a great Search Engine Optimization campaign that is built upon an excellent content strategy, you are laying the foundation for pages that are going to rank high in the search engines long after you have put effort into them. This is the same concept as buying real estate rather than simply renting it.

Once you are doing well for a term in the search engine you can then start to direct your budget to working on other terms: something you cannot do with Pay Per Click campaigns. Also, by leveraging the residual effects of SEO you can go after more terms with less cost, and this reduces your overall marketing costs!