When It Comes To SEO, New York Companies Take Heed!

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Finding An SEO in New York

When it comes to SEO, New York companies usually needs a large jar of aspirin as they try to sift through the smoke and mirrors of the myriad of SEO companies in this great city to find the right one!

There are many companies that claim to do comprehensive SEO, but what they call SEO often boils down to making just a few additions to the Meta tags, adding some directory submissions, and afterward creating some very fancy graphs to show the barely noticeable gains in visibility!

Website optimization is 80% theory and 20% estimation.

Now any decent SEO company in New York will be able to implement the basics of SEO practices on your site. 30% of the companies will go to the next level of re-engineering the entire structure and strategy of the SEO of your site. However, I have found that only 5% of New York SEO companies actually review and revise your website’s optimization strategy as time goes on!

All of the search engines are constantly revising their algorithms and thank goodness for this because if not for this, all of the search engines would be full of those old spammy websites that listed all of the keywords on the left hand column. The continuous monitoring and revising of a website’s optimization is what separates the New York SEO chop shops from the New York SEO elite.

We will actually implement the SEO techniques for New York Companies

Next up on the list is the common practice of creating incredibly dense strategies that then get turned over to your IT department with a “it’s up to you guys” approach which is just the perfect recipe for an SEO disaster. Surely if the guys in IT understood it to begin with you wouldn’t have needed to hire the New York SEO vendor in the first place.

And the poor ecommerce sites that are left in a lurch because they have been told that there is no way to adjust the core templates to be search engine friendly. Oh and don’t accept that the layout is acceptable with a few tweaks, they’re not and you need someone to tell you that and to find the solution that is in your best interest.


When it comes to SEO, we want to work with the search engines and not against them. Any trick that a New York SEO company comes up with is just that, a TRICK! The funniest part about “tricking” a search engine is the concept that the owners of the search engines haven’t hired people to just sit around and think about what kind of tricks people are going to try. I could go on and on about the virtues that argue against trying tricks with search engines but I will mention just one here; once you have been banned by a search engine you may never get your site included back into it which means starting over from scratch which could amount to years of a recovery.

Get the right strategy in place. Here’s a hint, it starts with having content because, after all, CONTENT IS STILL KING!

Give me a call and let’s see how your site is doing. Maybe it’s not that bad after all!

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