Google Local Search Gets You In The Map?

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Your Google Local Search Optimization Needs

Your business needs to be listed right next to a map of your area when someone is looking for your products or services!  One of the latest ways that surfers find what they are looking for on the web is to specifically seek out companies that are in their immediate area.  

Customers get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that the company supplying them with a needed service is right around the corner and maybe even close enough to walk to.

Local Search Optimization increases your visibility

Google Local Search is sometimes the first item to grab a potential customer since it’s human nature to quickly identify your spatial relation to that oh-so-prominently-positioned listing next to that very prominent map.  A perfect Search Marketing campaign would see you as number one for PPC, Natural Search and Local Search!

Local Search Optimization is not easy, but we have discovered an effective method for achieving success with placing your site higher in the local listings!  With Local Search you have to make sure that only one person in your company is overseeing this process.  Otherwise you may run the misfortune of having two or more listings for your business on the map, which is definitely frowned upon!

Google Local Search Optimization inside your blended campaign

Google Local Search is a great addition to a blended search engine marketing campaign.  You see, a blended campaign uses many different approaches to gain visibility for your company and one aspect of the blended campaign is local search.

 It gets added in to the Pay Per Click and Natural Search Engine Optimization to make the perfect package.  Remember, repetition of an ad placement leads to market saturation, market saturation begets familiarity, and familiarity turns your brand name into a household name.  

Having a successful Local Search Engine Optimization campaign gives you a powerful third punch on the search engine results page alongside of the PPC listing and the Natural Search listing.

Google Local Search Optimization can be the best choice on some occasions

Sometimes, a Google Local Search campaign makes much more sense than other campaigns when you are a local business such as a nail salon or barbershop.  

These two examples clearly illustrate services that the average person strives to find close to home.  In these cases, if your business ranks in the top one to three positions on the map then you’re going to attract a lot of new customers!

Getting your Google Local Search Marketing plan in place makes you confident that you have left no stone unturned on your path to search marketing perfection!

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