Public relations and SEO in New York

Are you really communicating with your audience? On New York City's Madison Avenue, public relations companies have to encompass a great deal more than traditional media. Public relations firms in NYC have to make great use of the search engine optimization of its content so that the search engines will rank the content that they're pushing out to the masses into many more places than were ever possible before via traditional media. Forget about interruptive media and messages and start thinking about non-interruptive ways to have conversations with your customers.

Press releases are going the way of the dinosaur in the face of the two-way conversation via the web

Yes that is a very bold statement and one that can easily start an onslaught of negative criticism and comments in regard to this statement, yet it is true and becoming more so every day. Press releases shoved out unsolicited to the world go on unnoticed, like the billboards in the old train stations in NYC that you just rushed by as you're moving during rush-hour with thousands of other people pressed up against you to get wherever you're going. Under those conditions those billboards on the side of the train station might as well be the press releases that are ending up on editors' desks without being solicited. Let's try something new.

Social media in replacement of multiple press releases

Writing press releases day in and day out is a very difficult task. It's especially difficult to find new things to say to the same customers in new ways. Social media, on the other hand, allows the customers to be interactive and to actually start telling you what they're interested in. This allows you to write back on exactly what interests your customers. And with this innovative approach to the age-old subject of pubic relations that will grip New York readers, you form a new type of conversation: one that isn't dry and old, but new and invigorated. Why not let your audience tells you what they're actually interested in, and by doing so you don't even have to do the research because the research is actually being done for you by your target audience. What can actually be better than that? Let's look at this in depth: you have many teachers out there just regurgitating information that was taught to them in school which will mean that the information they're regurgitating is over 10 to 15 years old. Why not have brand new information requested by the actual people that you're trying to reach. This information then forms the core of your messaging, what can be better than that?

It's time for New York Public Relations Firms to start building content in a
different way

More and more often, many writers are simply forming one-way conversations in the day of two-way conversations. The more you do that the more you will antiquate yourself to the point where you will no longer be relevant. And a public relations firm that doesn't leverage the power of social media, search engine optimization, pay per click, blogs, and more is one that is destined to become irrelevant in a day and age where everything is about being absolutely relevant and, most importantly, up-to-date!

Forget the old ways of public relations that use to dominate the halls of Madison Avenue advertising agencies in New York and get into the new, efficient, and effective ways of social media and search engine optimization. It's the only way to go!