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SEO Content Writers

All of our content writers are on US soil, as they would have to be to accurately write press releases in relation to your public relations/SEO strategy.

When all is said and done, one needs to be able to view the content written for the site without cringing at the results. Have you been going through the cringe test with your writing and wincing?

What is the cringe test?

The cringe test is when you have someone you know and respect view your site and suddenly they click on a random page off of the sitemap and you have to decide whether you are about to be embarrassed or not.

SEO On-page Strategy

Now let’s face it: most web developers are in the dark when it comes to designing a cleanly coded page that allows a search engine to get what it needs in terms of content on the page.

The first question to ask about your website is “does every page on the site even pass the HTML validation test at the W3C.org’s validation test?”

If the validation fails then we’ll need to dig in and re-organize the page. Please have a look at the coding of the page you are reading right now to get an idea of what a cleanly coded page looks like. If right now you’re saying “but I don’t know a thing about HTML”, don’t worry, you don’t have to! Just right click on this page and select “view source”. Can you understand what this page is about just from looking at the coding? If you can then you can imagine how easy it is for the search engines to figure it out!

SEO Link Building

We have the manpower you need to get the word out there. Once your personalized content has been written you need a force to get it out there in every place that we can find for free to show the world what you have to offer.

And if the content is well-written and represents your company in a manner that shows thought leadership in your vertical, then you can rest assured that you will get the appropriate inbound links to your site linking to your irresistible content. When that happens you’ll get links, but more importantly, you’ll get your targeted traffic!

SEO Web Development

We touched a little on this in the section on “On-page Optimization” but let’s complete the picture.

Let us say that in today’s world the web is filled with websites that operate off of a dynamic back-end written in ASP or PHP or .NET or CFM. And with each of these languages comes an Ecom store or an application that is apt to get in the way of the search engines’ ability to get to your site’s content.

Once again, technology will have gotten in the way of your site’s ability to rank. We have a proprietary AJIV product that allows us to create optimized templates that will allow your enterprise ecommerce store application to function just as it always has, except with Truly OPTIMIZED coding in place!