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Search Engine Marketing New York

What is Search Engine Optimization?

A complex, comprehensive and cost effective strategic process of improving the search rank of a website through organic and paid search results under given constraints of a search engine.

Google Algorithms

All that fancy code-gibberish is the difference between you winning or losing. Google is a multi-billion dollar company that generates two thirds of its revenues from advertising. It cannot and will not allow cheaters to rank. Google algorithms are unforgiving, relentless and in a constant state of flux. So we simple work with search engines and not against them. That's our mantra. We do it honestly. Because we value our reputation and we want you to win.

White Hat SEO - What we do, honestly.

Search engines don't like cheaters. They has algorithm parameters that crawl web sites looking for the best and the worst. Recent Google algorithm updates have had a significant impact on the web with numerous businesses losing almost all traffic overnight while others making massive gains. What's the difference? "White hat" SEO companies don't cheat. Search engines rewards them for doing the right thing. What are theylooking for?

Integrity. Do the right thing when nobody's looking. In this case, it's a multi-billion dollar company called Google that is looking. Their algorithms have minimum of 200 parameters that determine your ranking. We stay within those parameters by creating our own designs, code and rich, unique content. We never cheat by associating with link farms, auto generating content farms, video farms and other means. As a result, you stay on top.

Back Hat SEO - What we DON'T do.

Proverbs say: "If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas." Some SEO companies offer a certain "je ne sais quoi" with promises of quick site ranking but use nefarious means to get there. They mass-produce "garbage" and direct it toward your site. When that garbage is associated with your website, it's guilt by association. As a result, your site is severely penalized in rank, in some cases never recovering. What kind of garbage?

The "garbage" is typically mass produce auto generated content, videos and links as well as content, link and video farms and little regard to marketing strategy. It's quantity over quality. Your site will rise to page one quickly but for a short time. Search engines catches up and sends your site to page five or worse and you're left wondering what your SEO people have done. Your site and domain name is damaged as well as your revenue stream and ROI while they cash the check. What should you do?

Know your SEO company.

Typically, on about 5% of companies know what their SEO team or company actually does on their behalf! Yet, those SEO people can either drive you to success or in straight into a ditch! Be informed.

What we do works, by design and here's how:

Our SEO Process

It sounds simple but SEO is a complex process that combines strategic decisioning, website development and search marketing. Strategy involves many internal and external factors and variables to create site visibility.

Strategy is then coupled with a strong foundation of coding, content, marketing strategy and design. One cannot work effectively without the other. In addition, a continuous, infinite loop offers feedback and strategy refinement to ensure visibility and rank.

search engine optimization process seo new york


An attractive website is worthless without the right coding. Markeitng strategy aside, it is the absolute foundation for all search engines. Get it right and Google pays attention. Get it wrong and you're on page 5, spending more time and money to rank. Code is crucial. Code is key. There is a method to our madness. We take coding very seriously and approach it with great care and intensity to ensure proper rank by examining your coding and make a blueprint for efficiency.


Why does it matter? They're just words after all, right? Well, Google loves it but it must be relevant and unique. We mean it. Google does not suffer fools gladly. Duplicate content, content farms and other nefarious methods have landed fortune 500 companies on page 5. We avoid that by doing it right. We have a team of top writers that optimize within the site as well as outside syndication. And it plays a vital role with search marketing strategy.


It's all about the message with online marketing strategy. What are you attempting to convey to a potential client? How different or better is the product or service that you provide verses your competitor? How your you positioning the marketing message in the minds of your clients?

You may already know these answers. What we do, beyond design is tell a compelling story of your offering. What is most crucial to say? What is the call-to-action? What choice or choices do you want the viewer to make, given the constraints of viewing time on the main page? After all, you have only seconds to tell your story! Marketing strategy is key!


Design, although typically separate from SEO strategy, is very much a part of our scenario. The right user interface and user experience play a vital role that determines whether your site meets current and critical Google requirements. It's just good marketing strategy. Beyond that, a well designed user experience compels viewers to do the one thing you want the most leads conversion. We offer visibility along with an attractive user interface and experience to generate leads, revenue and ROI.

So, how do you get started?

There are many variables in determining a perpetual, winning strategy. We'll show you what to consider to generate traffic and leads. Your competition is already doing it. Time to jump in. So here is our initial recommendation:

Seed Money: Investing Correctly on the Web for Your Business

No matter what, it all comes back to the internet. You know it. Your competitors certainly know it. Invest and reinvest in the very thing that will generate leads, a revenue stream, ROI and a secure market share.

Watch your marketing costs drop. How?

Google algorithms crawl your pages and are very keen on minutia. The devil's in the details and the those trivial details can make or break your page rank. We take the time with smarter strategy details to reduce your marketing overhead. We work smarter, not harder saving time and money, while utilizing white hat techniques with critical minutia to achieve higher rank than your competitors.

See your customers grow.

Once your web campaign is fully comprehensive, it starts to takeover a much broader swath of visible areas on the web and specifically on the search engines. As a result, your rank and visibility increases and leads grow, leading to revenue generation and greater ROI. The SEO basics start with a natural search marketing campaign along with a Pay Per Click campaign that grow visibility.

Secure your market share and win!

We carefully create saturation, turning your business into a household name. Depending on your initial investment in the early stages of the strategy, we will only focus on the keywords that are crucial and affordable. Once your campaign is running smoothly and gains momentum for initial words, then we direct your budget to more competitive terms. Overall saturation allows more visibility to your site, securing and strengthening market share.