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SEO Strategy and Services

Strategy and Services

When it comes to outlining a strategy for an SEO campaign we have to start with the goals of the company. Eventually everyone’s goals lead to conversions, but everyone has a different timeline in mind with different milestones along the way.

Some campaigns focus on branding first, with the goal of getting a great deal of visibility all over the web to help make conversions in the future. And then there are the more immediate campaigns that require conversions no matter what the cost-per-conversion is!

We often recommend a blended campaign involving a Pay Per Click campaign (the ads you see on the top and right side of the search engine result pages) and regular SEO (search engine optimization – the process of making your website climb up in the middle of the search engine result pages). With a blended campaign in place you have the best of both worlds.

We can use Pay Per Click campaigns to begin getting you immediate conversions. Pay Per Click campaigns also show us in which areas to concentrate our natural SEO. Once the SEO efforts begin to rank the site well, we can use the Pay Per Click campaign to continue to experiment with new keyword terms and, most importantly, to keep servicing those individuals who only click on the ads on the top and the bottom. Read about Pay Per Click vs. SEO

Other Strategies Include: