Search engine optimization in New York City.

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Search engine optimization in New York City.

Search engine optimization in New York City is on the rise and Madison Avenue is all-abuzz with it. Every place you turn on Madison Avenue you will hear the terms of search engine optimization and website optimization being mentioned in conjunction with every single advertising campaign. Now years ago search engine optimization didn't matter to New York City dwellers or New York City at executives. Search engine optimization was something only the geeks said and only the geeks understood because everybody understood what a search engine was but nobody had a clue that you can actually optimize your content to be found at the top of the search engine result pages.

Enter the techies, the nerds, the geeks, the technical people that no one likes to understand or pretend that they can't understand or simply doesn't understand as they tend to spew their technical terms throughout a meeting in response to every question put to them. However in today's day and age everyone is turning around to the techies and saying: "how do I get a website to rank?". Yes, this is a common question being asked at each and every website meeting these days. The question is asked over and over again and the same answers come back: content, coding, links and a great strategy. However, no one ever wants to hear that response. What they want here is that you have a few tricks up your sleeve and that within a moment's notice you can simply walk over to the computer and make a few tricks and suddenly your website will rank at the top of the pages.

New York City business owners, wake up!

There are no more tricks to ranking in the search engines by doing sneaky things here or there. Quite frankly, all of the tricks that people used to do Google has gotten wise to and the rest of the search engines as well. It amazes me and my colleagues to walk into meetings where people still think that for $500 you're going to make them rank in an area where somebody is paying $100,000 a month to dominate. I recently had a conversation with somebody want to rank for the term "apartments for rent" nationally for $1500 a month. Now I know some of you out there just fell off the chairs but the truth of the matter is these kind of questions actually come up. People really think that you can spend less than that they actually spend on their monthly rent and knock over a multimillion dollar company like Century 21. This happens all the time and it's going to continue to happen, as people continuously want to find a way to cheat their way to the top of a vertical that they don't have a right to belong it. Or maybe they do have a right but certainly not at the top as spending $1500 a month against someone spending $100,000 a month is simply a David and Goliath story that can only exist in the holy books.

Search engine optimization and Google go hand-in-hand but not in the way that many think. Many think that Google respects tricks and rewards people for those tricks. Not true! What Google does respect is a well organized website that is actually functioning in the way that it should and if a website is functioning in the way that it should and is a good website with lots of relevant content that other people find valuable than Google will see pointers from all over the web towards that website naturally and hence be forced to rank that website at the top of the search engine result pages. However, most websites get lots to the web with an idea that a graphic or picture is worth 1000 words and hence they don't actually have to write 1000 words. So untrue!

Here at the SEO New Yorker we make sure that your website is up to standards and hence can stand each and every one of Google's tests so that you may rank at the top. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can enhance your website and organize your content so that both you customers and Google will love you.