Secure Your Market Share

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Increase your leads capacity

Secure Your Market Share

In the early stages of the search engine optimization Web campaign, the idea of going after all of the keywords and keyword phrases that you would like to is daunting and cost prohibitive. Now this is not to say that we won't go after all of the keywords and different market areas in the future, it is just to say that in the early stages of website optimization you need to focus only on the terms that are crucial and are considered low hanging fruit.      >> Contact us for Strategy Services

Expanding Your Search Marketing Campaign

Once your search marketing campaign is running along smoothly, and you've started to gain rankings for certain words, we can redirect some of the efforts and budget toward going after other terms. In this way we secure investment on the original terms, while being able to use the same budget to go after additional terms.

The Advantages Of Natural Search Engine Optimization

This is the advantage of search engine optimization as opposed to just using pay per click options. Now, we're not advocating the non-use of pay per click altogether, we're simply saying that by using search engine optimization properly you can begin to have pages that rank in the search engines for a while, even as you are not actively promoting those pages. This allows you to redirect some of that budget to go after new terms, and hence you begin to secure a large swath of real estate on the search engines for your vertical.

Search Marketing And Business Strategy

Always remember that any sound business strategy relies upon reinvestment by x amount of percentage. This is to say that at least 10% of gross profits should be reinvested in the business, so that the business can grow. If you follow this methodology your business will surely grow each and every fiscal year, based upon your willingness to reinvest in your business.

A Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

Once you have a sound search marketing campaign in terms of natural search in place, it is time to start to think about a PPC campaign. Remember, our mission is to turn your website and business into a household name. In order to do that we need repetition which creates saturation, and this is what turns your business into a household name. What do we mean by that? We intend to have your website take over a great deal of real estate on the search engines to the point where whenever a potential customer is searching for you they will begin to see your company pop up in many different places on every single search engine results page. You should show up in natural search, in the pay per click ads at