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A comprehensive strategy takes many things into account.

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The basics start with a pounding Natural Search Marketing campaign along with a Pay Per Click campaign for instant visibility. The next item to add to the mix is getting into the Map so that searchers will see your proximity to them if you are a local business.     >> Contact us for Strategy Services

Images tell a thousand stories!

Next we move on to areas like Google's Universal Search where images become an important aspect to certain verticals such as real estate. After all, nothing sells real estate like having pictures of homes show up right in the search results for real estate in a certain locale!

The right ad at the right time works fantastically well!

Display advertising works well in a catchall approach for launching a great public relations campaign. And speaking of PR, you need to get your Press Releases to show up in the right places on the web and we can help with that also!

It's time to get seen as well as read!

Then there is the top performer in many markets and that top performer is video! Now there are those who would say that video marketing is new, and to them we say: "have you heard of television?" If you watch a person surfing the web these days you will notice that given a choice between watching a video about the news or reading the news they will click on the video every time. Once you realize this you begin to realize the importance of Video Optimization!

A comprehensive plan is the key to success!

When your web campaign is fully comprehensive it starts to takeover a much broader swath of visible areas on the web, and specifically on the search engines. That is still the number one place that people turn to find what they want. I have still yet to hear someone utter these words: "I need to find a urologist, let me look on Facebook, and until that day comes, search engines will be the dominant location to display your wares!