Is Your Content Properly Optimized?

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Content Optimization

In order to rank well in the search engines you need to have comprehensive, keyword-rich content on your website. We evaluate every aspect of the content on your website from theme to relevancy. If something doesn’t add up to us you can bet it won’t work for the search engines either!

When it comes to content for SEO, our goal is no longer only optimized content; it’s good content. In general, search engine optimization strategists stress the optimization of content through heavy insertion of keywords and keyword phrases. This is good in theory, but in practice, when you begin to read this optimized content, it starts to sound like Bill Cosby doing an impression of an extremely pompous individual who puts in words just to sound authoritative. This is no longer acceptable in any real world application. Make your website better by writing content that sounds natural but speaks to the search engines too!

Contextual links and Website Content Optimization

Deep linking is a key component to helping the search engines see the relationships within your content. Years ago when the web was new, everyone was truly interested in sharing information just to be a part of the web and toward that end they inserted links to what they thought might be relevant as they wrote.

Now although this made many a page look like a blue-bulb Christmas tree, it was the natural way to link to information. Nowadays writers refrain from the use of color links to avoid that scenario but this has gone too far in the other direction! Many sites now relegate the important informational links to the side bar, which disassociates them from the page content.

Contextual links are links, as the name suggests, that are inside the content and by the very nature of their proximity to the topical content convey to Google that you are indeed taking visitors on a great informational journey and hence should be given authority for that.

Content Optimization that let's the search engines know exactly what your site is about!

Most importantly, if your content is well written it will contain everything both the users and the search engines need to feel fulfilled. A while ago Google changed their ranking algorithm to discourage spammy keyword-jammed sites.

You see, very early on even Mom-and-Pop outfits figured out that if they mentioned their keywords over and over the search engines would rank them higher.
Now this was all well and good in the beginning, but as life would have it, certain individuals began to make a mess of things by stuffing in keywords so much that the top ranking sites in the search engines started to look like jokes.

And as you can imagine, the search engines set out to eliminate this type of scenario by adjusting their search engine’s algorithm to suppress these types of spammy-content-based sites.

Link Bait and Content Optimization

We will also discuss Link Bait with you. We typically work in conjunction with advertising agencies on this subject as we are usually called in to make very beautiful but low ranking sites climb the charts, but if you don’t have an agency of record we can certainly educate you regarding this incredible search engine ranking technique!