Yield Optimization

Many say for the large publisher, Yield optimization is over. We say; in today's age everything has to be taken into consideration and even yield optimization is changing on a day-to-day basis. Algorithmic optimization techniques and technology for determining the yield is becoming the method that will help ensure that predictions are accurate and to the best of all efforts will become more accurate in years to come.

Thinking about hiring the yield optimization analyst?

Yield optimization is like taxes and death, you can't escape it and no one likes to deal with any of this and I would hazard to guess that most people would rather spend weeks on and doing their taxes rather than going through the process of yield optimization. But that's for the faint of heart. Enter the new strategist who looks at yield optimization as a way to beat a path into the future that is more progressive than many that have passed away.

Using yield for online video

With ad sources becoming more diverse in the video world and becoming a more integral part to web optimization campaigns we must start to consider many more factors in making judgment calls for the future and to the degree that yield optimization can help us along those lines for the ads that are now being inserted before in the middle and after online video programming is to the degree that we can start making better judgment calls for future markets in there it gets an exponential rises.

The question is can yield optimization create a more efficient process as we move along

Worrying about CPM and other traditional ways of tracking inventory and performance has got to give way to a future where we can create far more scalable ways of aggregating data across vast markets. The Internet is still exploding in an exponential rate and the more fiber optic starts to filled to force the United States the more markets that need to be evaluated and its yield optimization can help towards evaluating those markets better then traditional methods that we must fully embrace yield optimization as a way of the future. Now there are those who would say that this optimization has been around for quite some time but we would say that an evaluation of all of the new ad displays and considering that FaceBook is now starting to roll out a complete fool equally revised mobile ad display approach as of this writing we must think forward to the future and realize that there are many revenue streams and add display technologies that haven't been conceived but will be conceived and soon will be released to the market for which we will have to be prepared!

Display advertising must leverage yield optimization for forecasting

Display advertising must become more sophisticated and the ways that we have been doing it thus far simply are not up to snuff. Any new technology that is to come down the line must be embraced because we must find ways to improve ROI by connecting the right content with the right user and to the degree that we can improve upon this process is to the degree that we will improve upon our ROI. So bringing yield optimization techniques or any new techniques that are going to pave the way to a more positive ROI. We are open to any and all new technologies and techniques that can help maximize ad revenue for our clients.