Is It Time For Some Press Release Optimization?

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Get Your Press Release Out!

New York City is the land of Public Relations and Press Releases. The density of businesses per square block is among the highest in the world. In this city the only way to rise above the noise is to have an excellent press release strategy. However, if you would like your public relations firm to be the first company on everyone’s mind for the syndication for press releases, you need to be on the first page of Google.

When It Comes To Press Release Optimization, your SEO Editor is your Friend!

Our engineers will carefully analyze the links that are pointed to your site from various places on the web in order to evaluate how your site is perceived by the search engines in terms of popularity. Once we know how popular your site is we will evaluate the popularity and optimization techniques of your competitors’ websites. We can then determine exactly how popular we need to make your website in order to beat out all your competition.
The Delicate Balance of Press Release Optimization.

Creating a press release that can go into any newspaper is easy for the public

relations firm, but creating one that works with the search engines is an entirely different matter. You see, there is a delicate balance between writing creatively and getting the necessary keywords into your press release. This is where a great SEO copy editor comes into play and where PR in New York and SEO begin to merge.