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There are many avenues of marketing on the web these days and we are branching out and exploring all of them!

As an Internet advertising agency, we have to be aware of many new trends, as well as niche areas of the web, in order to present a wide swathe of possible web advertising pathways to our clients. Also, as an Internet advertising agency, we have to do R&D towards the development of our own, and hence we keep our ears and minds open for ideas, and most importantly, needs that are not being met!
You can find niche ideas in the menus above, and yet there are still some techniques that can’t be adequately described on our website. For those we suggest calling to find out all of the possible avenues of promotion for which your particular product or service may be right. Very often we can map out a marketing plan of attack that our customers never dreamed was possible. There are many new technologies and techniques out there such as Yield Optimization, which is the practice of evaluating exactly what ads are yielding the best ROI from what content or overall initiatives. This allows us to refine those performing campaigns to perform even better and to retool the non-performing ones.

New and emerging technologies, such as Near Field Communications, have to be taken into consideration, because the web is moving off of the Internet to grab people and suck them back in from the physical world. This can only be leveraged if you are paying attention to these technologies. And you need to know how to think about Near Field communication technology and Google Places/Google+ will work together in the future so that you can start making plans now.

Public relations is changing at a breakneck pace as we move away from the traditional models and start using social media posts as the replacement for clipbooks. Social listening programs are the new way to evaluate how big of an impact you are making, unless you are marketing to senior citizens over the age of 70 because this is the only market where social media doesn’t make a dent at all, and it’s our job to let you know that it won’t!
Search marketing is expanding and encompassing all of our social activities. Although there are those who believe that social marketing is the next big thing, we look at it as here now but soon to evolve into yet bigger things. With companies laying fiber to specifically target Internet users, we can only imagine that the web’s growth is far from slowing down.

Now, there’s no better time to either click on a section above or call us to save yourself the trouble of reading our entire site when we can easily answer your questions over the phone! Yes, our site is current as of this writing but when you think of how fast the web moves on a day to day basis there are bound to be new technologies and techniques that are not embodied on the site currently that we can tell you about on the phone when you call, so call us today!