Is YouTube On Your Mind?

Video optimization for YouTube and more

Is It Time For Video Optimization?

Video Optimization is the new frontier and with it comes a lot of new ways to launch campaigns for visibility.  Video is a much better vehicle for delivery of a message than text.  It's the medium that grasps 95% of the market because one only needs to sit back and watch to get the message.  And sitting back and having a message delivered to you wins hands down over having to exert effort to read a long passage of text.

The Attack Strategy for Optimizing Your Commercials.

When the goal is to get visibility and hopefully that runaway viral hit, we have to do a great deal of prep and most likely a directional shift from the normal target for marketing.

We have to align our video content with synergistic targets that are already in the marketplace.  If you are a sports apparel company then by all means you should be making videos that have matchups to the favorite teams in the coming year.  Toward that end you probably need to develop a video for each possible outcome of these matchups and get them to start to list on the portals.
Once you know which team will be playing then you can step up the optimization for that video.

Video Optimization Search Terms.

It is very true that not many people actually perform the same searches in YouTube and MetaCafe that they would in Google or Bing, but no worries. You see, when it comes to brainstorming a video optimization campaign we can be very successful if we know from the outset of the entire marketing campaign that we will need to get traction for the video programming on the social and video portals.

Technical Video Optimization.

Make sure to superimpose a title at the beginning, middle, and end of your video, so no matter which portal indexes your video you are bound to end up with a poster frame with the keywords on it that is sure to help your click-through rate.

Meta Data is an absolute must and if you don’t know what this is then you are really behind the 8-ball, but don’t worry, we can rescue you from your dilemma! Meta Data is the data that you embed in your videos. It carries descriptions, keywords, and other annotations that give pointers to the search engines regarding the value of your precious video content.

However, you don’t have to worry about any of this: we do! So sit back and leave the hard work to us as we push out your message to the masses by driving both links and viewers to your video. we are here to help you get there!