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Site Structure Conversion Analysis

Every website on the World Wide Web is united by one simple fact and that is that it lives off of the HTML that holds its site together! Now what makes one site stand out from the others is the degree to which its HTML is optimized to be received by the search engines.

One of the first things we do after we evaluate a website for its basic bench marking factors such as Page Rank, Link Popularity, and use of keywords is to determine whether or not the underlying HTML of the site is convoluted.

The Beginning of your HTML Coding Means a Lot!

We start with the very first item in your HTML coding, the doc type, and drill right down through the last tag on the page to make sure everything is working correctly. If it’s not, then we draw up a strategy and advise you on how to correct the glaring errors.  This can mean re-coding a page from scratch. 

In order to make a site rank, the cumulative cost of fixing individual errors one by one sometimes outweighs the time and effort required to properly re-engineer a site.   We have the experience and expertise needed to evaluate the constructiveness of all your options. 

Our end goal is to provide you with a complete package: a great site along with superior link popularity from the web so that the search engines will rank your site well.  

A search engine needs to be go through your website and the html coding without any problems.

Search engines don’t like problems and will not suffer them for long; if they do find stumbling blocks it will be you who suffers or, more properly put, your website! The best written content won’t be seen in a favorable light by the search engines if you have ripped sentences in half and placed the parts in different locations within the coding just so you could display your content in a fancy way on your page.

I have heard many stories of new website optimization companies who preach that the HTML doesn’t matter anymore. Think of the basic concept of a well-organized sentence.   Now imagine a sentence that contains your main keyword broken apart, so that the tail end is sent first to the search engines.  You can see how disastrous this can be when it comes to making a proper impression on the search engines.

Let us evaluate your website’s HTML structure to get you the most bang for your buck!

Website optimization, or more formally Search Engine Optimization, depends heavily on a precarious balance between how your site reads to the search engines and what positive references there are on the web pointed to your site. Remove either one from the equation and the result is a site in peril.