Is It Time For International Search?

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International Search

The wonderful thing about search engine optimization is that you can be here in New York while optimizing your site to reach people in Paris, just as easily as you optimized to show up in your local area. In order to be successful in International Search Engine Optimization you need to have your site set up properly. A site that is well optimized for your local area in terms of its keywords and organization is probably not set up well for Paris, France, or any other far away location.

International Content Optimization

We need to create content Silos within your website to give the search engines what they want to see in order to consider your site worthy of ranking for international terms. A Silo is an area on your site that is assembled specifically to focus on a particular topic in order to be optimized for international destinations. By creating the right contextual pages for a given subject that are perfectly connected to each other though appropriate interlinking of the content, we can create an authoritative section on the site to show the search engines that you indeed do deserve to show up for your international terms.
Video optimization of material for International Search
This can help get the word out to the international communities while building inbound link popularity for those international search terms that will be extremely helpful in ranking your site for those terms. Always remember: a search engine is an information retrieval system and if you don’t have the correct information to be retrieved you will be passed by for other sites that do!

When you want to be found internationally for: How the Volcker Rule May Impact Trading (Update) you need to have your content reflect it!