SEO Submission Transparency and how it works

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The Daily Work of This SEO Company

To get your message out to the masses one needs to have dedicated SEOs working on a daily basis. However, actually knowing what is going on with your project on a daily basis is too often a problem when working with SEO companies.

The scenario usually goes something like this:

Client: “What’s the status of my campaign?”

Agency: “We’re working hard for you.”

Client: “What is going on and on what days?”

Agency: “You’ll see the results.”

Client: “So you say…”

Now while it is true that no one can guarantee that the search engines will rank a site on a particular page or for a particular position, one can assume that the more work being done and the higher the quality of that work the better. Toward that end, if you are paying for SEO efforts then there should be a way to show where that money is going shouldn’t there? We say YES!

We will provide you with access to a private project management system where you will see exactly what has been done and by whom. When anyone on our team works on your account, he records all activities in an excel spreadsheet that is lodged in the system that day. When anyone on our team takes your content and syndicates it out to the masses, each and every submission is recorded and posted. You will see when and where it was submitted along with its current status. We make sure our work stays truly transparent for our clients!

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