Is the SEO Of Your Website Up To Parr?

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Goals of the Website Audit?

Every search engine optimization program begins with a site audit. However, a site audit consists of much more than that of the actual site. It begins with clients’ expressed goals for their company. What are they hoping to achieve from search engine optimization? Is the goal to drive sales, build brand visibility, or to get a site ranking in a variety of areas on the web while the final decisions regarding the aforementioned categories are being made? Evaluation:

A site evaluation takes all of the elements of the site into account. You see, your optimization isn’t just about aspects of your content and how your site is put together, but rather the overall picture, which takes into account everything after the site ranks well, and, most importantly, the first three seconds of impact when a visitor sees your site for the first time.

QC of Your Website’s Optimization

Of all the various things you will need to keep in mind in the future in regards to SEO 101 of your website, the acronym that you need to keep foremost in your mind is QC (Quality and Consistency). Let’s break that down a little further. By quality we are not specifically referencing how grammatically well a piece of content is written but how well it is written in the context of the website’s focus! And by consistency we mean the ability to keep the focus of the content on topic so that we don’t confuse the search engines with misleading tangents. The best way to think about how to convey your message to the search engines is to think of how you would convey your message to a fifth grader. Fifth graders don’t typically understand all metaphors, and they can’t understand your very pretty pie chart. They need facts and they need them laid out in a basic way. Simply put: if a fifth grader can’t grasp your content then there is a good chance the search engines won’t either!
SEO 101

If you have come to our site in search of search engine optimization then you probably have a good idea of what SEO 101 constitutes, but let’s run over a few of the basics. First, there it involves the appropriate labeling of pages, which companies still don’t do correctly today. Then there’s the assessment to see if there is even real HTML text available on the page. And beyond that we have to make sure that certain individuals haven’t taken the liberty of trying some illegal techniques out that their “SEO-knowledgeable friends” have talked them into. Really guys, putting invisible text on the page is so 2002 and stands to get you banned from search engines. And no matter how cool the idea of using the CSS display none attribute sounds, it isn’t!
Your SEO Technically

Of course we need to get down to the nitty gritty. We need to see your website as the search engine spiders (small programs that crawl the web, reading and indexing websites for the search engines) see it. If a spider can’t see your precious content then how are they to know how to properly rank your site? After we check out your actual website we then check out the popularity of your website in the eyes of your peers on the web.

Are you are thought leader? Do your peers link to you? This type of linking is one of the fundamental requirements for Google to consider you rank worthy? There are over 200 aspects of Google’s algorithm that your site needs to be made perfect for and we are here to help you get there!