It's Time for Video SEO!

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Why Video SEO?

We know how to optimize and, more importantly, how to market your video programming so that your message appears everywhere! Video Optimization is all the rage these days and rightly so! Advertising agencies have long known that the visual medium, especially television commercials, is the true advertising medium that converts viewers. Video is the perfect medium to achieve saturation of your marketing message wherever it’s played. We know you’re saying, “Tell me something I don’t know”, right?

What if I don’t have programming available for Video Optimization?

There are many ways that you can get a great video clip together for a very low cost and when we say a low cost we mean low cost!

  1. Take a company PowerPoint and export it as a video clip. This is a great way to get your point across in a video format ready to be deployed on all of the social portals.
  2. Use a program like iMovie on the Mac laptop, drag in a bunch of pictures, and record a voiceover on top of it using the built in microphone, which will also work for video optimization purposes.
  3. And of course there is always the old but trusted technique: shoot a home video camera. The image may appear unprofessional to you, but in certain instances it can work well for video optimization, especially if shot outdoors like an interview.
Video Optimization in New York is still in its infancy

Here’s something you may not know: video is still the most untapped medium on the web. And although you do see a lot more video on the web these days, you will agree that less than 5% of the websites you visit use video as either their personal message conveyer or that of the advertisers displayed on those sites.This is great news since it means the door to video optimization is wide open for you!

Video Optimization for Universal Search

Universal search is the part of the Google algorithm that ranks pictures and videos at the top of the search engine result pages.  This type of optimization requires a very precise strategy since there are many factors that come into play to get your video clip awarded the very prestigious honor of being ranked at the top of the page.

For this type of video optimization we will need to re-architect your video so that we can encode the various types of elements that the search engines need to see to make them consider your video clip.

These and many more techniques will comprise a fully comprehensive strategy for the traffic building of your website.  Please see more about our search engine marketing strategies here.